What exactly is happiness? Is it something we can work hard for? Is it something we need luck for? Or is the key to true happiness simply a matter of perspective, which comes from within?

Is someone with better grades really smarter than someone with poorer grades? If you’ve failed an exam or two, does it mean that you’re dumb and a failure? Does it mean that you will never be successful?

Do we study hard because we fear failure and the harsh judgment of society, or because we are passionate about what we are studying? Which way should it be & are society’s judgments flawed?

A professional degree is always better than a general degree, because it teaches you crucial critical thinking & problem solving skills. Furthermore, in any business, you will always have to engage 2 types of professionals; accountants & lawyers, so why not be one of them? Since I hate working with numbers, so…..

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Allstars is Malaysia’s first truly Entrepreneur-run & Mentor-driven Accelerator Program for Start-Ups. It is founded by a group of very successful entrepreneurs and investors who truly enjoy helping startups and believe that in AllStars they are providing a great platform for entrepreneurs to succeed.

This is the story of my formative years, how I got “conned” into an all boys school, ended up in Singapore for 6 years and went through the experiences that would shape me into the person I am today.

Money is not evil, neither is it the root of all evil. The love of money is, but not money itself. It is neutral. It is merely a tool, a powerful amplifier.

In the hands of good people, money can be used to do a lot of good; in the hands of bad people, it can do a lot of bad; and one way to do a lot of good using business and money in a sustainable way is through entrepreneurship.

We Could Happen is a relationship guide with tools that aims to reduce heartbreak & catalyse happy & long lasting relationships. Find out why I started it, how I plan to build it and why I think all existing dating apps are getting it wrong here.