Centennial Elite: Helping Others Build & Accumulate Wealth Through Financial Planning

Centennial Elite is a leading investment agency in Malaysia that specializes in helping company directors plan their retirement. Through our work, we help business owners build a customized & reliable portfolio with specialized benefits that would allow them to gain financial freedom, retire comfortably and also cater to any emergency or specific needs a business owner might require.


With enough financial knowledge, a savvy investor today can actually easily make enough from their annual return on investments to have a steady stream of passive income anywhere from RM2,000 to RM9,000, which they can withdraw monthly without depleting their initial capital.

In fact, there would usually be more than enough from their annual return on investments for their initial capital to continue growing at the same time as they’re withdrawing RM2,000 to RM9.000 a month.

All this is possible via an array of investment tools and savvy financial planning that unfortunately, most people do not have knowledge about. Furthermore, such investments are actually considered low risk and stable investments that have been performing consistently over many years, which makes them perfect for a retirement fund. It is huge pity that most people are not aware of them.


I am involved in this because I feel that it is an essential product for company directors like myself to have after stumbling upon it years ago, being fully aware of the challenges & unique situations a business owner will have to go through from my personal experience as well as that of my friends.

In fact, it was actually one of my early investors who invested in my first venture who introduced me to these amazing investment opportunities.

It is a great product which I am using myself and has thus far been outperforming my expectations.

Through this, I hope that more people would be aware of their investment options and be able to reap the benefits from them if they choose to.

Furthermore, I also see it as a great opportunity to expand my network and make more friends among the SME community, regardless of whether they are interested in investments. This is because my primary goal has always been to make more friends & build strong, genuine & relationships anyway.

“I am doing this because it is a good opportunity for me to make more friends among the SME community. Furthermore, I also think that financial literacy is extremely important in order for us to retire comfortably, and through this, I believe more people will be able to gain financial freedom, especially for those who haven’t found a way to do so yet…”

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