Project X: Filling The Gap For Talent

Nowadays, employers seem to be having trouble finding top talent, while there are plenty of passionate & motivated individuals out there just waiting to be discovered & groomed into top talents in various industries.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a platform that could guide us in discovering our strengths, passions, hone us, and put us in a position to be courted by top employers who are all vying to land our services and would also appreciate us for what we love doing and are good at?

On the other hand, employers would have access to a catalogue of top talent who are all stringently handpicked and guaranteed to fit into the roles they are looking to fill which they can pick and bid from.


In essence, we are trying to build a draft pick or stock market like platform for top talent to be featured on where employers will be able to put forward their best offers in an attempt to bid for their services; on one hand ensuring that top talent get the best offers that they deserve and on the other allow companies to find the right talent for their organization easily.


Through this, coupled with our referral, training programs and online resources, we hope to create a win-win situation where top talent get appreciated, employers do not have to worry about the challenges in finding the necessary talent required to run and grow their companies, and help anyone who is wants to become top talent become one as long as they are willing to learn & put in the effort required; driving the economy forward and elevating the general quality of the workforce at the same time.

Right now, we are still testing out the market and our platform.


If you are an employer looking for the right talent for your company or a student/employee looking to be a top talent, do stay tuned to our development!


“Solving the talent problem…”

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