5 Reasons Why We Should Introduce Our Friends When They Meet

Ever been out with a friend or a bunch of friends and happen to bump into some friends of theirs?

Ever had them engaging so deeply in conversation that you felt awkward and left out, start looking at your phone or struggle to decide whether to be proactive and say hi or simply just disappear into the background?

I am sure we’ve all been through that, especially here in Malaysia where we don’t have a particularly strong introduction culture.

That’s why, as nice, respectful and considerate friends, here’s a list of the reasons why we should start adapting an introduction culture and start introducing our friends to each other when they meet.

I feel that something like this should be common courtesy and manners that each and every one of us should learn to cultivate.


1. So Nobody Would Feel Left Out

If you’ve been on the receiving end of this you’ll know how it feels to be left out all of a sudden when the friend you’re with starts talking with a friend they’ve just bumped into for a really long time about topics and people that you don’t know anything about, leaving you all alone and feeling left out.

Of course, those of us who are more confident would be able to work this one out by being proactive and taking the initiative to introduce ourselves, and that’s what I’d usually do.

However, over the years since coming back to Malaysia, I’ve realized that Malaysians in general are not too receptive of this behavior. They might think that you’re being too friendly, too pushy or weird; which till this day I still can’t quite grasp why. Perhaps most Malaysians are just not that used to meeting genuinely friendly people who would say hi to strangers.

Furthermore, doing so would also take a certain amount of courage, which is fine on a good day when your self-esteem is high, but might take a bit more effort on a bad day.

Things would just be so much easier and so much more comfortable if our common friend could just start by making a simple introduction.

So, to avoid making our friends feel left out, please remember to make an introduction whenever your friends meet.

2. So It Won’t Get Awkward

If our friends are not properly introduced, and either party is not a particularly great conversationalist, the situation can get pretty awkward.

Simply because accidents can happen when people don’t know enough about each other to start off a conversation with and might accidentally step on each other’s toes. Furthermore, the stranger who ends up introducing themselves, if they do, would come across as “intrusive”.

(I personally don’t see how this can be intrusive at all but well, somehow, some people feel that way.)

Either that, or it’s just going to be weird if there is this “extra” person who’s nearby looking at their phones or being part of a conversation that they know nothing about and throwing an awkward smile every once in a while.

So, to prevent such uncomfortable awkwardness, please make that introduction.

3. So Everyone Feels Comfortable

When you’re with people whom you don’t know a thing about and they’re talking about people or things you can’t relate to, you’ll naturally feel uncomfortable.

You’ll have that “Why am I here” feeling.

But things would be very different our mutual friend made that introduction.

 4. Because Only You Can Do It

Guess what, in such situations, only the person who knows everyone is in a position to make an introduction!

So if you’re the mutual friend, it has to be you!

5. To Plant Sparks In Hopes Of Fireworks

We are actually surrounded by amazing people in our extended network, it’s just that we haven’t been introduced yet!

I’ve had friends from different circles of my life going on to be soul mates or best of friends, and they got to know each other because of a simple introduction I made on a random occasion or on one of my random outings. And to think that they might have never met if it wasn’t for that introduction I made, is sad and scary.

(Here’s a story on a group of strangers who became awesome friends because they got introduced)

The thing is, you’ll never know what could happen. There probably won’t be any follow-up from most of the introductions you make, but for those few that go on to become lasting friendships or even love stories, it’s worth it.

Besides, what do you lose by making an introduction anyway, so just make it!

(Here are some tips on how to make an introduction if you’re interested)

“For those few that go on to become lasting friendships or even love stories, it’s worth it.”

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