We Need To Start A Paradigm Shift In Thinking Among ASEAN VCs

The truth is, if Facebook or Google were started in ASEAN, they would probably never have taken off because no one would have funded them and they would have died.

Our Start-Up Ecosystem Is Still Young

That’s understandable, because our start-up ecosystem is still young.

Naturally, investors here have never built, invested in or been part of the early days of a start-up that truly changes the world.

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Because of that, it is understandable why most of them don’t know how to value or identify start-ups that can truly become world changers.

We evolved based on what we are most comfortable with and understand best, resulting in many local and regional copycats or solutions.

That’s Fine — We All Still Have Much To Learn

That’s fine, it is part of the growth of an ecosystem. China went through the same thing.

However, it is important to acknowledge that if ASEAN is to ever become a developed ecosystem that could eventually support world changing start-ups, we all still have much to learn and improve.

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VCs & LPs Can Do Whatever They Want — It’s Their Money

Ultimately, VCs and LPs can do whatever they want with their money and invest in whoever they like, because it is their money.

It is their right to do so.

But If VCs Really Want To Make Money + Build The Future — Everyone Needs To Improve

However, in their best interests, if they really want to do their job well and make real money and own a piece of the future and the world’s most lucrative businesses, everyone needs to improve and learn from the best in the world together.

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Don’t Think That You Know Everything — Everyone Has Loads To Learn

It becomes dangerous when VCs and leaders here think that they know everything when they actually don’t.

Even the best in the world know that there is still a lot that even they do not know that they don’t know. That’s why, it is extremely important for all of us to keep and open mind and keep learning.

Everyone has loads to learn.

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Learn From The Best In The World — Don’t Be Too Arrogant To Learn

For our ecosystem to truly progress, all of us need to improve and learn from the best in the world. We can’t be too arrogant to learn no matter how “successful” we are here.

Don’t Count Out Zero Early Revenue Start-Ups That Solve Global Problems

We can start by opening up our minds to zero early revenue start-ups that are trying to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Don’t count them out just because they don’t have revenue now.

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Give Truly Innovative Start-Ups That Can Become 100 Billion USD Companies A Chance

Have an open mindset, and start giving truly innovative start-ups that can become 100 billion USD companies in the future a chance.

Don’t write them off just because you think they are too ambitious.

Hear them out, you might be missing something very big by ignoring them.

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Start Taking The Right Risks — Support Innovative Start-Ups With Global Ambitions

Don’t be afraid of taking the right bets, support innovative start-ups with global ambitions, because that’s where most of your value and returns would be generated.

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