Johnson Khoo

Because I don’t know anyone else who could, or would, even if they could.

Why hasn’t a Facebook or Google come out of ASEAN yet?

The reason why our app has so many bugs and is still quite sucky.

Although dating is a global problem, investors generally don’t invest in dating apps for a few simple reasons.

It sucks that we are right but stuck in an ecosystem that isn’t ready to fund big ideas

Can a dating app join the ranks of Google & Facebook to become the next 100 billion USD company?

There has been a shift from copycats to deep tech. Over-correction much?

The wrong investors will kill you. Literally.

Start-ups today need more money just to get started. Why is that so?

It’s hard to say, but they might not be worth as much.

You’ll be surprised how many successful entrepreneurs once tried to start a dating app & how some successful products you use today actually started as a dating app.

ASEAN VCs might be doing something wrongly that’s preventing the next Facebook or Google from ever getting started in ASEAN.

You have a profitable business that can’t grow anymore and can’t IPO or get acquired. What now?

Sometimes I really rather be dead than alive.

The challenges and painful lessons learnt over 10 years trying to build a truly innovative startup from Malaysia.

I don’t know if you can find another founder like me in this region.

You need to understand the difference between Friendster & Facebook.

A portfolio of simple rails apps I've built during my 9 weeks @ NEXT Academy

When I came back from Singapore in 2009, one of the main reasons was because I wanted to help Malaysia fulfill its full potential. But is it even possible?

This is a recount of how a group of passionate students came together to form Victoria Junior College's first ever cheerleading team and the journey from non-existent the year before to...

Music & the performing arts speaks to people in a very unique way. It speaks to our soul. I was blessed with the opportunity to be part of 2 amazing symphonic...

In my 6 years in Singapore as an ASEAN scholar, I've learnt that home doesn't have to be a fixed place. Wherever your loved ones & people you care about are,...

A feature on the july 2010 issue of Personal Money magazine.

This is where I first learnt how to write an executive summary, pitch and gain valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship.

I believe that if you're good, you'll be successful anywhere. I also feel that if anyone is capable of leading Malaysia to greater heights, it is us ourselves, Malaysians. Hence, instead...

Klarssen Intelligence first started out as TryThisOut!, a market research firm specializing in tryvertising & sampling in universities & colleges, which later became the holding company of interactive video market research...

When I came back from Singapore in 2009, I was a 19 year old teenager who knew nothing about starting a business. TryThisOut! was the company enrolled in the Maybank-MoneyTree Young Entrepreneur...