Apps I’ve Built In 9-Weeks @ NEXT Academy

Here is a list of Rails Apps I’ve built over the course of my 9-weeks @ NEXT Academy.



This is a simple rails app that allows you to:
  • Search For Listings
  • Make Reservations For Listings
  • Pay For Your Reservations
  • Sign Up & Login
  • Update Your Profile
  • Create Listings
  • Receive emails when a reservation is made on your listing or after you’ve made one
Gems & skills I’ve learnt to implement while building this app:
  • Basic Git Version Control
  • Figaro (so access keys won’t get pushed to git)
  • CarrierWave, MiniMagick & AWS S3 (to upload, store & resize images)
  • Clearance (for basic user sign in & sign up)
  • Action Mailers (automated sending of customised emails)
  • Delayed Job Workers, Redis & SideKick
  • ElasticSearch & SearchKick (Search Function)
  • Facebook-omniauth (for fb sign in)
  • Unicorn


This is a simple app I learned to build in a day or so following some online resources that allows you to chat with fellow registered users of the app. Users can open multiple chat windows. It behaves just like a simple version of msn/gmail chat/ fb messenger without group chat or file uploading functionalities.

Gems & skills I’ve learnt to implement while building this app:
  • building the logic for chatboxes using javascript, Jquery & AJAX (Making the user experience seem instant)
  • Configuring Faye & Private-Pub, especially during deployment (it takes 2 servers)
  • Toastr Gem (Real-time styled temporary pop-up notifications that displays the sender and message whenever a message is received)
  • It also makes a nostalgic msn sound whenever a message is received.

Besides these, I’ve also built a few other apps that I have yet to Deploy (put on the internet)

1. Quora Clone

A quora clone built on the sinatra framework that allows users to:

  • Signup/signin/signup
  • Encrypt password using Bcrypt
  • Post questions
  • Post answers
  • Upvote questions & answers
  • Downvote questions & answers
  • Reset vote
  • Count & display total number of votes as well as owner of question & answers
  • Paginate listings

2. Twitter Clone

A very unsophisticated sinatra based twitter clone with a simple tweet feed that allows users to follow & unfollow each other that I built in a day as part of an assessment.

  • General tweet feed
  • Users are able to signup/signin/signout
  • Users are able to follow and unfollow other users
  • Displays follower and following count and follower and following list on users profile
  • Displays all of users tweets on profile

3. Ruby Racer

  • A simple terminal based racer where 2 letters or emojis race against each other

4. Yellow-Pages

  • A simple terminal based contact list where you can list, add, update & delete contacts using ARGV
  • I also made a classic 2D animated load screen for it just for fun


UPDATE: I’ve since gone on to build a variety of test apps to explore the use of:

Graph Databases (Neo4j)

  • A simple rails blog with comments using neo4j
  • A simple rails based quora using neo4j
  • Rails FB-Omniauth & Devise using neo4j
  • Neoid, ActiveNode, ActiveRel
  • A hybrid postgresql + graph database architecture
  • Compartmentalised testing of various neo4j database designs for my startup


  • Javascript html to jpg converters
  • IMGKit


  • A Simple Financial Recording App
  • A Simple Anonymous Real Time Chat App
  • A Simple Searchable Portfolio Of Profiles

React Native & Node.js

  • A Simple Mobile Listing App
  • A Simple Tic Tac Toe App
  • A Simple Library Of Various Mobile UI Modules

I am still in the midst of learning more about them because they are necessary for me to build my current startup, which is quite technically challenging as it has never been done before. I believe it is a zero to one solution that is orders of magnitudes better than anything that exists now at solving the fundamental global problem that it aims to solve.

Stay-tuned and let’s hope I’ll be able to build it soon! 🙂



If you’re interested to find out more about the 9-week programming bootcamp I’ve participated in, you can click on the pictures above, or simply click here. They offer a full-stack web-development course (the one I joined) and an iOS one.


If you’re interested to sign up & would like to get a discount, they are giving out a RM250 discount that will be refunded to you at the end of the course if you sign up via the link above. I don’t know how long this offer will last but for now I think it is still on.

Have fun! 🙂

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