Here’s Why You Should Invest In Me & Wowwwz

I have come to realise over the years that, even among fellow start-up founders in this region, I am a very different kind of founder.

I can’t find anyone who is like me, who is truly passionate about solving a global problem everyone faces and is willing to sacrifice everything to make it happen.

Many founders here just want to bring their conventional businesses online, copy something and flip it for a profit, or solve a regional problem. That’s all great stuff that they are doing, it’s just that I am different.

I Have A Clear Mission To Solve Dating Once And For All

If you manage to find the right life partner, life will be like heaven on earth for you, but if you have found the wrong life partner, it does not mean that you won’t date, get together, get married or have kids, many do, and life would be like a living hell for you.

I know, because I have been in that living hell for 20 plus years, as a child in my parents marriage, who are 2 people who are actually wrong for each other.

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Too many broken families, scarred and broken hearts and emotionally affected children came about because of people not being able to find their right life partners or settling for people who are wrong for them.

When I was 16, I attended a conference on choosing the right partner for life and stumbled upon a set of fundamental relationship truths that has proven to be 100% true over multiple couples until today.

I can tell if a couple will be happy together and exactly why they would break up or end up in an unhappy marriage if I know both of them well enough.

Armed with that knowledge and a deep understanding of the problem through many real life examples, I have a clear vision on how to solve dating once and for all and am on a mission to do just that.

I know how to help everyone in this world not only find their right life partners and one true love, but also help them get to know each other better, communicate better and continue building their relationships together after they are married so they can continue to grow together as a couple and live happily ever after.

I have a clear mission and path to achieving that.

I Am Solving A Global Problem That Everyone Faces Everywhere

Dating is a global problem everyone faces.

Just think about how much time you spend finding a potential mate when you’re single and how much time you spend with your boyfriend or girlfriend or wife or husband once you’re attached or married.

It takes up a huge part of everyone’s lives.

Ask yourself how much more money do you spend on gifts, dining, couple activities and travelling once you started dating or got married. The global dating market is huge, just think about the entire Valentines Day market, travelling, dining, gifts, chocolates and much more. Almost everything has a romance angle to it.

It’s a huge market, and Wowwwz will be the main lead generator for all that in a way that adds value to couples.

The problem I am solving is a global problem that everyone in the world faces and is a fundamental human need.

I Went ALL IN — Life, Time & Money

I literally went ALL IN building my start-up, sacrificing my life, time and all my money.

Very few founders actually do that, many come from privileged families and are still able to fall back on their family and are able to live a comfortable salaried life.

I don’t come from a rich family, had to earn everything myself, went all in with my finances, and am staying at my office and working every single day.

I Did Everything I Could — No Pay For 10 Years, Learn To Code & More

I am doing everything I possibly can to make this happen.

I haven’t been taking a salary for close to 10 years, except for that 1 year in 2017 where we just raised some pre-seed funding, learnt to code after I realised that earning money to pay outsourced development firms wasn’t sustainable and that not many software engineers can build what I needed to build, which was pretty advanced, so I needed to learn how to code and build it myself and much more.

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I Am The Only One Who Really Knows How To Truly Solve Dating

Dating is a complicated problem to truly solve thoroughly.

It is not as simple as matching people in the same place to each other. It can’t also be done efficiently by getting single people to fill out extensive survey forms like what old-school dating platforms like are doing.

You need to build a platform that is fun and social to use, that knows each person enough so you can introduce them to someone who has compatible values and interests as them as a mutual friend would, with a high degree of trust and familiarity.

Once they are introduced, you still need to help facilitate quality conversations and interactions for them to get to know each other better.

I Have Vision — Very Few People Have That

Vision is something that is rarer than you think.

Not many people can see the future before it happens and know how to build it. Vision requires a deep understanding of the problem you are trying to solve so you are able to see what can be done better and what can be built with current technology to make things drastically better by piecing them together the right way.

Often, the right thing to do to make things drastically better might sound absurd or crazy to most people, because it has never been done before.

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What I Am Building Will Change Everyone’s Lives

Your soulmate is probably just one friend introduction away right now, and Wowwwz will be able to make that introduction from our data graph. Wowwwz makes the 250,000 people in our extended network, of which at least 60,000 are single and of the opposite sex within reach.

Wowwwz will be able to help singles find their right life partners, not just any partner, but one who is compatible with them, right for them, and can grow old together with them.

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It will also help facilitate quality conversations and couple activities and games for dating couples to get to know each other better and create more memorable experiences.

When couples get married, Wowwwz will also help couples grow together, help resolve issues using relationship tools, and help couples build long and happy relationships.

Wowwwz will be an app that eventually solves all relationship problems from finding the right partner when you’re single to building lasting relationships and meeting everyone’s daily relationship needs when you’re attached or married.

I Am Contrarian, But Right

One of Peter Thiel’s favourite questions to entrepreneurs is to ask them to tell him something that is contrarian, but right, because that’s often what most people are missing that could one day become a global monopoly.

I believe that dating is the next 100 billion USD opportunity.

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While normal people might agree, VCs and investors generally think dating is not a VC fundable business and has a stupid business model.

The way online dating works right now, I totally agree, and understand why they think that way, that’s why Wowwwz is an entirely different creature and business altogether.

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If I Succeed — Wowwwz Will Be The First 100 Billion USD Startup From ASEAN

ASEAN has not had a 100 billion USD start-up, because so far we have only been copying or building regional solutions, that will never be worth that much.

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No one has dared to take on a global problem like I plan to do yet. It is about time we start taking the leap and try. We are ready, we just need a shift in investor mindset.

If we succeed, Wowwwz would become the first 100 billion USD start-up from ASEAN.

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I Admit Mistakes & Learn Fast

Many people tend to mistake my confidence for arrogance, but that’s entirely untrue, the reason I am confident with what I know is because I have tried many things and have kept learning, from everyone including those around me and the best in the world.

I will readily admit my mistakes and learn from them, to a point where my worldview is drastically different from the average person, even most experienced entrepreneurs and VCs. I fully understand and see where they are coming from, but a lot of times, they are unable accept the fact that there are still plenty of things that they do not even know they don’t know and are unwilling to explore the possibility beyond what they are comfortable with because of their ego and past successes, which is holding them back.

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I would readily admit mistakes and learn from them, because I know that that is the only way to grow and move forward.

I Take Full Responsibility For Everything I Do

To innovate and solve problems that has never been solved before, you have to have the courage to take risks and experiment with stuff.

Some might work, most won’t, but that’s part of the process and the only way forward.

I would take full responsibility of the risks taken and mistakes made, learn from them, continue growing and become better.

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I Am Not Afraid To Ask For Help & Advice

I readily accept that there’s plenty of things that I don’t know I don’t know, and plenty of things I know I don’t know. Hence, I am not afraid to ask for help and advice.

In fact, I do so very often, analyse each piece of advice carefully to get closer to the truth and the full picture before making a decision.

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I Have Sacrificed 10 Years Of My Life & Am Prepared To Sacrifice More

I have already sacrificed 10 years of my life pursuing this, and am willing to sacrifice more to do so. I know it is hard, especially in a region that isn’t really ready for truly innovative world-changing start-ups like what I am building. We actually have what it takes to get started, we just need a slight shift in mindset among VCs and the key gatekeepers.

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No One Else Knows How To Solve This Problem As Well As I Do

Dating is a complex problem to solve, and I have spent close to 10 years of my life understanding the problem deeply enough to know how to solve it. By solving it, I don’t mean just randomly matching people as Tinder does, but helping people meet their right life partners, and continue building and growing their relationship together.

No One Else I Know Is Willing To Sacrifice Their Life Doing This

I know many passionate entrepreneurs who have sacrificed a lot for their business, but none are willing to sacrifice as much as I have or am planning to.

I Have Everything It Takes To Succeed Except For Resources & Privilege

I have the vision, the passion, technical and leadership skills required to execute on this, but I lack the privilege to be from a rich family or an ecosystem that is ready to allocate resources to truly get such an innovative start-up like Wowwwz started.

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I Am Willing To Do Whatever It Takes

I am willing to do whatever it takes, and have done whatever I can do with the limited resources I have. I have learnt how to code, build an app with more than 5,000 users, helped couples meet each other and even helped 2 people meet each other who eventually got married, and those are only those I know of.

But there is so much more we can build, so many bugs that can be solved and so many features that could be improved, but progress is very slow now because of our limited resources, because it is basically a one man show for now to conserve capital.

A Founder With Vision, Codes, Can Go Without Salary For Years, Stays At Their Office And Is Willing To Sacrifice Their Lives To Build Out Their Vision

I really don’t know if you can find another founder like me who has vision, understands dating enough to truly solve it thoroughly, can code, has all the skills necessary to make it work, is contrarian but right, is building something truly innovative that can become the first 100 billion USD company from ASEAN that everyone in the world uses daily, can go without salary for years and live on a shoestring budget, stays at their office and is willing to literally sacrifice their lives and do whatever it takes to build out a vision.

As far as I know, there aren’t many in this region.

There Is No Shortage Of Top Talent Who Want To Join Us

Top talent and top software engineers are always looking to build challenging things, they are rare in ASEAN where most start-ups are just building simple listing or e-commerce apps, but Wowwwz is one such start-up that is building challenging and innovative tech products that pushes the boundaries of technology.

We once had a very good full-time software engineer who joined us on an intern’s pay even though we can’t afford him purely because he loved what we were doing and told us that he can’t find any other start-up doing things that are challenging enough for him.

Top Engineers Who Won’t Join Local Start-Ups Will Take Pay Cuts To Join Us

Many top software engineers I’ve met who are currently working for top tech companies in Silicon Valley would also like to join us, but the problem is that we can’t even afford to pay them a liveable wage.

These top engineers are always looking for a challenge, want to be on the forefront of technology and wouldn’t join regional copycat start-ups that are mostly building simple booking or listing apps, but they would join something like Wowwwz, because we are innovative, building challenging products and have a great mission.

You need to be able to command the respect of these top engineers with what you are building and your vision to make it happen.

Copying just wouldn’t cut it.

All we need is sufficient resources to pay them a fair wage. We do not need more than Facebook, we just need enough to build out a proper team.

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This Is Your Chance To Be Part Of Something That Truly Touches EVERYONE’s Lives

Opportunities like these don’t come often, where you have a global problem worth solving that could become the next 100 billion USD opportunity where the technology is ready, a visionary and capable founder who has all the skills necessary to make it work, a ready founding duo who complements each other, and an army of top talent ready to join as soon as we can afford to pay them a fair wage.

This is a once in a lifetime chance to be part of something that could truly impact the lives of everyone in this world. This is your chance to help people find their right life partners, reduce broken hearts, broken families and the chain of negative side effects so more people can find their one true love and live happily ever after.

Let’s Change The World Together!

This is your chance to truly make a global impact and be part of the first world-changing start-up from ASEAN. We are ready.

Let’s change the world and leave a dent in the universe together!

I hope you will help me out a little here so that I can build the tools to help everyone in this world find their soulmate whom they can grow old together and live long happy lives with.

If you have access to a brand, company, working building, community or even VCs, let me know; I can help you build a community of people who like your product or brand and introduce them to each other, or bring a community closer by introducing people at the same building or company to each other!

You can reach me at or LinkedIn.

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Help me out, because many people’s lifetime happiness is in your hands.

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You have the power to become a superhero!

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