Billion Dollar Start-Ups Should Still Exist — Despite WeWork & Uber

With Uber’s dismal post IPO performance and WeWork’s botched IPO, plenty of people seem to be celebrating the fall of billion dollar start-ups and are happy to see these fairytale-like unicorn stories fail and fall flat on their face.

“I told you so” — is probably what they are saying to many people right now.

Honestly, I think many of these critics are just jealous that their start-ups or whatever that they are building or are part of can’t or can never command such huge valuations.

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Billion Dollar Start-Ups Should Still Exist

The truth is, billion dollar start-ups should still exist.

Start-ups should still be able to raise hundreds of millions at billion dollar valuations, because there are still plenty of big problems in the world that could really use a much better solution that could make life much easier for everyone.

Innovative Start-Ups Solving Hard Global Problems Still Have Great Value

As long as the start-up is truly innovative, has a truly scalable and much better product that solves a big problem much better than anything that exists right now, they would be generating great value and would be really worth billions or if not hundreds of billions.

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Google & Facebook Are Still Worth Hundreds Of Billions

People are forgetting that for every failure and overvalued start-up like WeWork and Uber, there is also a Google and Facebook that are truly worth hundreds of billions because they have really solved a global problem through innovation, are the best at it and have managed to build a truly scalable and profitable business that is raking in billions to tens of billions of dollars every quarter!

AirBnb Is A Solid & Profitable 20 Billion USD Business

At the same time, there are fairly valued unicorns that have built a solid and profitable business that have yet to go public like Airbnb too!

WeWork & Uber Are Bad Examples That Failed For Their Own Reasons — Period

WeWork and Uber are just 2 bad examples that failed for their own reasons, from a bad business model with narrow margins and a heavy physical aspect, being overvalued by investors, bad founder ethics, management practice and a variety of unique factors.

That does not mean that start-ups that generate true value and are solving big global problems in a truly innovative and scalable way won’t be truly worth hundreds of billions of dollars in the future.

They will, and there will be.

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Skeptics Are Rejoicing Mainly Because They Are Jealous — Don’t Mind Them

The skeptics are having a field day and rejoicing today mainly because they are jealous at how companies like WeWork and Uber can raise so much money when they can’t.

Don’t mind them.

True Value Will Still Be Rewarded

In the long run, true value will be rewarded.

As long as you build a start-up that truly solves a big global problem in a scalable way and generate real value, you will be able to find a way to make a lot of money, and that will eventually be rewarded in the stock market.

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There Will Be More Billion Dollar Start-Ups

There will still be more billion dollar start-ups, and there should be.

It would be dangerous if investors start backing off and start not taking the risks required to fund these truly innovative start-ups that can solve big global problems and eventually become the next Google or Facebook.

That is how society progresses, how innovation happens and truly value and wealth is generated. Investors need to be brave enough to take these risks if they are to profit.

You Just Need To Know Which Start-Ups Are Generating True Value

We just need to know which start-ups are the ones that are truly have a scalable and innovative solution that would solve a big global problem and be able to become the next Apple, Google or Facebook.

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